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  • Guest

    Why not just split the aggregation into technical and non-technical so as to not hurt anybodies feelings. I for one know I don't need to know where everybody is appearing. I dig through my feedly feed and have to skip through a lot to just get to the good stuff.

  • Chandresh Kathewadi

    Hi Morgan,

    we are scaling our mysql database for new setup.

    current system manages around 750milliion transactions in a day.

    the new system we are expecting to manage around 20billiion+ transaction in a day.

    you done a scale up of this size and what are your experiences on that.
    I have read most of the site and have a general feeling of the
    parameters I need to worry about. saying that will sticking to those
    basic parameter suffice.

    I am plannig to implement this on 5.6.22GA, we have master-master replication setup.

    will be very much interested in knowing your views, especially stuff
    like do's/ don'ts and specific gotcha's that I need to be aware of.

    forward to your reply on this. I know this is a very generic email.
    Issues is don't have any server specs, all my recommendation will lay
    down the requirements for the server.


  • Atul Kumar Sinha

    Hi Morgan,
    Can you suggest me how to install apache tomcat on Ubuntu15.04 ?