Announcing Planet MySQL: Meta

A couple of months back, I wrote that we were looking to improve the quality of Planet MySQL. Today, I am very excited to share the results of this with the announcement of Planet MySQL: Meta. What is Meta? Meta is a new category of posts that appear on Planet MySQL, which is intended for […]

Proposed changes to user management in MySQL 5.7

In May we proposed deprecating and removing the old password format in MySQL 5.7. I am happy to report, that this proposal has gone ahead, and can already be seen in the 5.7 DMR5 release notes! With old passwords removed, and with recent versions of MySQL also offering new options for authenticating to MySQL, today […]

Storage Engine Vendors Meeting

In keeping with a MySQL tradition, we will be holding a storage engine vendors meeting to coincide with MySQL Central @ Open World this year. The day and venue is TBD, but will be in the San Francisco/Bay Area week of 29th September - October 3rd. For an invitation, please send me an email!

Suggestions for transitioning into Strict SQL-Mode

As MySQL 5.6 now enables the SQL Mode STRICT_TRANS_TABLES for new installations, I have been running into users who have been upgrading from previous versions, and not quite sure how to test their application for compatibility with this new default. For some applications converting warnings to errors presents an unknown-unknown, in that the operators of […]

SET GLOBAL sql_log_bin - We need your feedback!

Jeremy Cole recently blogged about the feature SET GLOBAL sql_log_bin. In his blog post, Jeremy suggested that there is no strong use-case for this feature, and that it is too easy to run accidentally (i.e. SET GLOBAL instead of SET [SESSION]). The result of this incorrect usage is that slaves will drift out of sync […]

MySQL 5.6.20 Community Release Notes

Thank you to the MySQL Community, on behalf of the MySQL team @ Oracle. Your bug reports, testcases and patches have helped create a better MySQL 5.6.20. In particular: Thank you to Jeremy Cole for reporting a case where InnoDB's redo log could become corrupt with externally stored blobs. Jeremy also provided a testcase to […]

The InnoDB Team is looking for your feedback!

Restarting production database servers with gigabytes of memory is difficult. It can lead to cold caches and other operational complexities. The InnoDB team is looking to make improvements so that restarting MySQL is required as little as possible. Please help them out by answering which configuration settings you are most eager to see made dynamic. […]