Proposal to change additional defaults in MySQL 5.7 (February Edition)

Following on from my two earlier posts, in the MySQL team we are proposing a new set of changes to defaults for MySQL 5.7: Setting Old Default New Default log_slow_admin_statements OFF ON log_slow_slave_statements OFF ON long-query-time 10 2 log-queries-not-using-indexes OFF ON min-examined-row-limit 0 1000 MySQL Command Line Client - +show_warnings group_concat_max_len 1024 1M max_allowed_packet 4M […]

Changing my blog to use MySQL 5.7 proposed defaults

In my recent blog post, I announced a set of proposed changes to defaults for MySQL 5.7. I'm now using these settings on my WordPress blog, which is powered by MyQL 5.7.5. The supplimental config file comes from my GitHub project called mysql-compatibility-config. Here were the steps required: [root@mysqldb2 ~]# cd /etc [root@mysqldb2 etc]# wget […]

Proposal to change additional defaults in MySQL 5.7

Following on from my earlier proposal to change Replication + InnoDB settings, in the MySQL team, we are proposing to make the following additional changes to defaults in MySQL 5.7: Setting Old Default New Default binlog_error_action IGNORE_ERROR ABORT_SERVER innodb_checksum_algorithm INNODB CRC32 innodb_page_cleaners 1 4 innodb_purge_threads 1 4 innodb_strict_mode OFF ON innodb_log_file_size 48M 128M innodb_buffer_pool_dump_at_shutdown OFF […]

Proposal to change Replication and InnoDB Settings in MySQL 5.7

In the MySQL Team, we are currently evaluating potential changes to the default server configuration for MySQL 5.7. For more context, please see my earlier post here. One of the specific changes we would like to make is with the following three related replication and InnoDB settings: Setting Old Default New Default binlog_format STATEMENT ROW […]

MySQL 5.6.22 Community Release Notes

Thank you to the MySQL Community, on behalf of the MySQL team @ Oracle. Your bug reports, testcases and patches have helped create a better MySQL 5.6.22. In particular: Thank you to Ramesh Sivaraman for reporting that setting the innodb_limit_optimistic_insert_debug debug configuration option to 1 caused an infinite B-tree page split. Ramesh also provided a […]

Proposal to deprecate collation_database and character_set_database settings

In the MySQL team, we are currently discussing deprecating the ability to change the collation_database and character_set_database settings. As part of our plan, mysql clients will still be able to access these variables, but they will be read-only. Introduction The MySQL manual summarizes these two variables as saying: This option is dynamic, but only the […]

Meet the MySQL Team at Percona Live London

The MySQL team will be presenting three sessions at Percona Live in 2 weeks: The MySQL SYS Schema by Mark Leith MySQL 5.7: Performance and Scalability Benchmark by Dimitri Kravtchuk MySQL Replication: What's New in 5.7 and Beyond by Luis Soares and Andrew Morgan In addition, Tomas will be presenting a not-to-be missed keynote on […]