What would you like to see in MySQL 5.8?

By my count MySQL 5.7 added over 150 new features, and some of my favourite ones are based on community ideas and contributions:

  1. Statement Timeout (contributed by Davi Arnaut)
  2. Disabled Storage Engines (suggested by the community)
  3. MySQL Command Line client Ctrl+C support fixed (bug reported by the community)
  4. Barracuda + Dynamic row format enabled by default (change made to better support WordPress and Drupal communities)
  5. Multiple GET_LOCK locks can be acquired per connection (Contributed by Konstantin Osipov)

With 5.7 now in RC2, it is time for us to start planning for MySQL 5.8, and we are actively seeking community input and feature requests. There are multiple ways you can leave feedback:

  • Via the comments here
  • In person: Both myself and colleagues will be at Percona Live next week, and MySQL Central at the end of October.
  • Via the Bugs Database: We pay close attention to bugs with a high ‘affects me’ count. If you file a feature request, please blog about it so that we can all provide input 🙂
  • Via email

Thank you!