How do you use mysqldump?

The MySQL development team is seeking feedback on how you use mysqldump!
Here is some of the feedback I have to pass along:

  • With InnoDB now the default (since MySQL 5.5) I would love to see mysqldump change to take advantage of this. For example:
    • mysqldump can do a hot backup with all InnoDB tables, all you need to do is include --single-transaction. We need to find a way to make this the default behaviour so that applications are not blocked waiting.
    • Adding indexes should be delayed until after all data has been inserted into the table to take advantage of the InnoDB fast-index creation feature (InnoDB Plugin/5.5+).
    • Option to dump as MyISAM, restore as InnoDB.
  • An option to have progress reports while running. Even in the form 34/60 tables backed up, this is incredibly useful for beginners.
  • Take inspiration from mydumper. The user should be able to dump and restore in parallel 🙂

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