MySQL 5.6.24 Community Release Notes

Thank you to the MySQL Community, on behalf of the MySQL team @ Oracle. Your bug reports, testcases and patches have helped create a better MySQL 5.6.24.

In particular:

  • Thank you to Simon Mudd for reporting that ALTER TABLE did not take advantage of fast alterations if the table contained temporal columns found to be in pre-5.6.4 format. Bug #72997.
  • Thank you to Doug Warner for reporting that a TRUNCATE TABLE operation on a temporary table raised an assertion. Bug #72080.
  • Thank you to Elena Stepanova for reporting that an InnoDB full-text phrase search returned incorrect results. Bug #75755.
  • Thank you to Miljenko Brkic for reporting that the exptime set with the memcached API set command was ignored. Bug #70055.
  • Thank you to Nilnandan Joshi for reporting a regression where the mysqld server could not shutdown while the memcached plugin was active. Bug #74956.
  • Thank you to Zhai Weixiang for reporting that several mutexes on InnoDB dummy tables caused contention, and could be relaxed safely. Bug #73361.
  • Thank you to Zhai Weixiang for reporting that append operations using the InnoDB memcached API could cause a segfault. Bug #75200.
  • Thank you to Ramesh Sivaraman and Roel Van de Paar for reporting that a number of ALTER TABLE statements that attempt to add partitions, columns, or indexes to a partitioned table while a write lock was in effect for this table were not handled correctly. Bug #74451, Bug #74478, Bug #74491, Bug #74560, Bug #74746, Bug #74841, Bug #74860, Bug #74869.
  • Thank you to Santosh Praneeth Banda for reporting that when gtid_mode=ON and slave_net_timeout was set to a low value, the slave I/O thread could appear to hang. Bug #74607.
  • Thank you to Tsubasa Tanaka and Daniël van Eeden for independently reporting that a server warning error referred to an obsolete table_cache system variable. Thank you also to Daniël for providing a patch. Bug #73373, Bug #75081.
  • Thank you to Simon Mudd for reporting that Performance Schema statement events tables incorrectly referenced system variables (@ @ instead of @@). Bug #71634.
  • Thank you to Yao Deng for reporting that mysql_real_connect() could close a file descriptor twice if the server was not running. Bug #69423.
  • Thank you to Olle Nilsson for reporting that notification of events for the general log were received by the audit log plugin only of the general query log was enabled. Bug #60782.
  • Thank you to Daniël van Eeden for reporting a security issue.

Thank you again to all the community contributors listed above. If I missed a name here, please let me know!

– Morgan