MySQL Connect Highlights

I’m now back home in Toronto, recovering from a very busy weekend at MySQL Connect.
This was my first MySQL Connect, and I really enjoyed it. It was great to be able to meet old friends from my MySQL AB days, but also meet some of the new faces that work on MySQL at Oracle. As Edward Screven mentioned in his keynote, the MySQL team is twice the size under Oracle that it was at Sun.
Some additional highlights for me:

  • Saturday Morning’s Keynote (now online).
    The video includes both Edward Screven & Tomas Ulin’s keynotes as well as Mark Leith demonstrating the new MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0 with agentless / cloud friendly architecture and using Performance Schema.
  • The announcement of MySQL Fabric.
  • Hearing Facebook, Twitter & Mozilla’s positive reinforcement – they love the new features in MySQL 5.6 and plan to upgrade.
  • Replication changes in 5.7 – Intra-Schema parallel slaves and labs demo of multi-source. Improved semi-sync performance.
  • Speaking to users about replication in general. A lot of people are planning to switch to GTIDs to simplify administration.
  • Speaking to users at the booth about our new Workbench 6.0 GA – everyone is excited.
  • Participating in our Storage Engine Partner Meeting, and talking about some of the new optimizer enhancements in 5.6 – MRR, BKA and ICP.
  • InnoDB changes in 5.7, nice to read Sunny’s blog and note we don’t need to explicitly start read-only transactions.
  • 5.6.14 and 5.5.34 releases.