MySQL New Feature Checklist

I spotted this checklist attached to a Worklog for an upcoming change in MySQL 5.7.3 (not yet released). What it is, is a series of Yes/No questions to be answered by developers, which is used as part of the QA process.

  1. Any new/modification in syntax introduced
  2. Any change in existing behavior of SQL
  3. Any change in mysql protocol
  4. Any change in result formatting or data types
  6. Concurrency testing Required
  7. Any lock/deadlock testing required
  8. Any multi user/client testing
  9. Do you expect any data race, Data Corruption when multiple users request
  10. Boundary value testing
  11. Replication testing is needed
  12. Any change in binary log formats
  13. Partitioning Changes
  14. Performance testing
  15. Is the feature claim to have performance improvement (time to first row)
  16. Do you see any implication on performance
  17. Any thing related Index
  18. Any thing touching optimizer
  19. Backup Testing
  20. Upgrade downgrade testing
  21. On disk format changes
  22. Changes in system table
  23. Retire or deprecate any mysqld configuration options
  24. Downgrade supported

The list looks pretty complete to me. It’s confidence inspiring to see the level of detailed consideration that is going into MySQL 5.7. As Tomas mentioned in his keynote MySQL 5.7 DMR releases are heavily tested and should be considered of release candidate quality. Anitha has also wrote about the QA process in this blog post.