We're looking to improve PlanetMySQL

We are looking for community feedback on how improve the Signal-to-Noise ratio of PlanetMySQL, and reduce the amount of irrelevant and off-topic posts.

To give you a sense of where we are at today, we currently approve most [all?] blogs for aggregation, provided they have some existing technical content. We then apply a naive regular expression to make sure that all posts are on topic (MySQL).

The sorts of ideas we are looking for are:

  • What content are you interested in seeing more or less of?
  • What posts do you deem as acceptable or unacceptable?
  • Do we need to change the balance between technical, marketing, event, or business-related posts?
  • Are there any tools or features we could introduce to better serve readers and authors?

If you have any suggestions – please send them my way!