Spring cleaning MySQL bugs

The MySQL team has been busy fixing bugs and sorting through older bugs. To give you a couple of recent stats:

  • Norvald blogged about 14 bugs fixed at the request of Linux Distributions.
  • Tomas Ulin’s keynote at Percona Live mentioned 1991 Bugs Fixed in 5.6, with 3763 Bugs Fixed in Total Since MySQL 5.5 GA 🙂

As part of our spring cleaning efforts, we have also decided to retire the bug status to be fixed later. That is to say that:

  • Some bugs that were marked as to be fixed later have actually been fixed. Keeping a status of items that won’t be fixed for now has proven difficult to diligently maintain as accurate.
  • We want to prevent a half-way state where historically a fix may not have been technically feasible but we did not always set user expectations appropriately. We have decided that in some of these cases it is better to ‘break the bad news early’ and set the status to won’t fix.
  • All remaining bugs that were to be fixed later will now be changed to be verified, and will be re-evaluated in priority on a regular interval moving forward.

If you are affected by a particular bug, I recommend clicking the “Affects Me” button.

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I joined MySQL AB in 2006, left, and am now back at Oracle working on the MySQL team. I’ve also worked at Percona and InPowered.

  • Daniël van Eeden

    Maybe time to clean up Bugs 53783, 46842 and 62925?

    • Seems reasonable to me. Let me followup and see if I can find more information.

      • samdvr

        Not a bug but a long waited feature request functional indexes like PostgreSQL: bug id 4990 would be great for 5.7.

        • I think our score card for implementing long standing feature requests is pretty good (see FULLTEXT InnoDB indexes for example) 🙂

          Having said that, we don’t comment on upcoming features, etc.