Percona Live Highlights

Last week marked my first April-MySQL-Conf since 2009, and now that I’m back home I wanted to reflect on some of my personal highlights.

Photo Credit: @miguel2angel

  • Tomas’ keynote on Wednesday morning was awesome. It felt great to be part of the team at Oracle that announced a release 2x faster than MySQL 5.6 and 3x faster than MySQL 5.5. The Parser+Optimizer+InnoDB GIS labs release is also a great sign of things to come.
  • Hosting the meet the MySQL team @ Oracle BOF Wednesday night, and answering community questions with my colleagues on our engineering team. It was a pleasant surprise to have Mark Callaghan (Facebook) and Peter Zaitsev (Percona) come and join in as well.
  • Attending some of my colleague’s sessions and collating feedback from attendees. In Luis Soares’ what’s new in replication session, we received a couple of great suggestions which we will certainly investigate in more detail.
  • Learning how to use new tools. For me, this will be the R programming language (something I had heard of many times before, but never taken a closer look at). It was also great to see MySQL Workbench’s Visual Explain in Bill Karwin’s query optimization talk.
  • Seeing our ecosystem expand. The two new technologies that I am most excited about are VividCortex and WebScaleSQL. With WebScaleSQL, it’s a great endorsement to see it based on MySQL 5.6.

I’m back home this week, then on to vacation next week!

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I joined MySQL AB in 2006, left, and am now back at Oracle working on the MySQL team. I’ve also worked at Percona and InPowered.